New Website Online!

New Website Online!

You get caught up in your daily work, project deadlines, upcoming server installations, putting food on the table, and life. Four or five years fly by in the hussle of programming and consultation, the last thing us tech people do is worry about advertisement, marketing and our own website.

Looking at our website as a platform for advertisment, I suppose we should be pretty darn happy that enough work has been coming in the door that we haven’t needed to worry about making new clients much.

Although, looking at our website as a means of communication and updates to our clients both future and current; in that case I think we’ve been a bit neglectful. So, with a new website online, we hope to reverse this latter trend and deliver more information about what goes on here a bit more regularly.

To enjoy our new website, we recommend you take a look at all sections in the navigation links above, news being the most fun in our opinion. Additionally, we recommend signing up for our newsletters, which we use to notify you of any updates or changes as they happen. It’s zero hassle on your part, just signup and we’ll keep you informed every time we make an addition to the news page or any other major site changes, and of course there is no reason your e-mail will ever be used by individuals outside of Mindpack, we actually go to pretty decent lengths to prevent spam, the last thing we’d do is be a part of the problem (more info on this in an upcoming article).

That’s about it, our intention is to be fairly regular with our site updates and newsletters, so please check back soon!