Professional Services

Custom administration and server hosting.

Consultation Services

Systems management and consultation in the following fields:

  1. Server & Workstation Administration (*nix / MacOS / Windows)
  2. Custom software application development (c / perl / php / java)
  3. IT Administration (Web / E-Mail / Application Development
  4. Security Analysis (Network / Appliance / OS)
  5. Database Administration (MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  6. Server Assembly and Installation (Linux, *BSD, Windows)
  7. Network Administration (Switching, Routing, Firewall)
  8. Virtualization Management (XEN, FreeBSD Jails, Hyper-V)

All service work performed is invoiced at $96/hourly or on service contract, M-F during the 10am-8pm service schedule. Emergency work is scheduled at $144/hourly and may be performed after hours or weekends. Clients may choose to elect their work as emergency work, in doing so they will be bumped to “critical emergency” status and their solutions will be first in the work queue.

Telephone and e-mail technical support services are provided without charge for any current development account, hosting, VPS or Co-Located solutions. Remote access services using Team Viewer to repair client products are invoiced as a Standard Service at our Standard Rate (see consultation rates above).

Co-Located Servers at Mindpack Studios

Mindpack Studios offers physically managed server co-location services. We build the server product custom to your needs, fit it into our rack enclosures and install the initial operating system. After our testing period, we connect your equipment to our network, provide remote access, and hand over the keys.

We supply the rack space, the redundant power systems, the cooling, and the network. You are allocated you your own dedicated VLAN and internal class C network. We manage all firewall, NAT, and QoS services as per your request both at installation and during the work week and as modifications are necessary.

Custom client builds are invoiced during construction. Typical consultation, ordering and build-out is invoiced between 5-8 hours depending on client needs. If hosting on Mindpack Studios network, a single dual sock server up to 4u rack space is invoiced our price protected 4.5 hours labor ($396). Typical build-to-order time to completion takes 1-2 weeks.

Setup Fees
  1. Cost of physical hardware
    • typical server pricing $1500-$5000.
  2. Mindpack Ordering and Assembly Fee
    • purchase as per client specifications from trusted hardware vendors
    • white glove assembly
    • 24-48 hour burn-in testing & hardware verification
    • price protected 4.5 hour (labor exceeding 4.5 hours will not be invoiced)
Monthly Recurring Fees (MRC)
  1. Rack Space
    • $10MRC – 1U rack space
  2. Power & Cooling
    • $15MRC – 50w server power utilization
    • < 100w typical avg for single CPU (80w TDP) dual drive server
    • average weekly consumption calculated at server PSU
  3. Network Infrastructure
    • $15MRC – 1gbit port speed to MPS network
    • Dedicated VLAN, Firewall, QoS, Routing, Packet Filtering included
  4. IP Addresses
    • $4MRC – 1 IP
  5. Bandwidth
    • CIR Dedicated Bandwidth
    • Invoiced per GB transfer in/out of MPS network
    • 100% utilization calculated using netflow traffic monitors
    • call for pricing
Additional Co-Location Services
  • Telephone Assistance
    • If at any time you need assistance, telephone technical support is provided free of charge.
  • Physical Assistance
    • Physical reboots of your server are provided free of charge.
    • Local access to your server to diagnose any software related problems is invoiced at our standard hourly rate.
  • Hardware changes
    • Contact us for any hardware replacement. Although we do not require purchase of hardware from MPS, please contact us first to verify that the hardware is approved for our network. Hardware such as WiFi access cards and bluetooth cards may not be permitted on the network due to security concerns.
    • Replacement, upgrading, and installation of hardware is scheduled late night and invoiced at our hourly rate (typical invoice being .5 hour labor for most repair / replacement costs).
    • For replacement hardware, fees due shipping or RMA required to be paid by client.