Consultation Services

Systems management and consultation in the following fields:

  1. Server & Workstation Administration (*nix / MacOS / Windows)
  2. Custom software application development (c / perl / php / java)
  3. IT Administration
  4. Security Analysis (Network / Appliance / OS)
  5. Database Administration (MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  6. Server Assembly (Linux, BSD, Windows)
  7. Network Administration (Switching, Routing (IGP / EGP) , Firewall)
  8. Virtualization/Cloud Management (XEN, KVM, BHYVE, FreeBSD Jails, Hyper-V)
  9. VPS / Co-location services @ Mindpack Studios

All service work performed is invoiced at $96/hourly or on service contract, M-F during the 10am-8pm service schedule. Emergency work is scheduled at $144/hourly and may be performed after hours or weekends. Clients may choose to elect their work as emergency work, in doing so they will be bumped to “critical emergency” status and their solutions will be first in the work queue.


Telephone and e-mail technical support services are provided without charge for any current development account, hosting, VPS or Co-Located solutions. Remote access services using Team Viewer to repair client products are invoiced as a Standard Service at our Standard Rate (see consultation rates above).