Offsite Data Backup

Offsite backup solutions with point in time recovery.


Here at Mindpack Studios we use rsync regularly for all of our server backup needs.  We’ve opened this functionality up to remote users that need to backup their data to a trusted offsite and secure platform.  We store as many nightly snapshots as you’d like, keeping them around for years if need be at a very easy to understand price of 10 cents per gigabyte of data storage.



Most backup solutions offer a single point of recovery.  Ours offers as many as you like, with points in time saved once for each day (more upon request).

Point in time recovery is essential for system recovery.  Many times a lost or deleted file isn’t noticed for days or even months.  If your backup sets are overwritten each night or each week you’ll quickly lose the ability to recover.


Average Query Time
< 30ms
Backup Schedule
Nightly or Weekly
Zone Propagation
< 1 second
Storage Platform
ZFS + Encryption
Open Sourced Yes
Maximum File Size Unlimited
Maximum Storage Size Unlimited
Rate Limiting Option
At client request
Point in Time Recovery Yes
Remote Access Support
Telephone Technical Support
Monthly Remote Access Verification

*monthly remote access and verification service offered to all accounts storing 500GB or more of data.

Gigabyte Price: 10¢/monthly

What about Local Backup Solutions?

We tell most clients to go with a local backup utility first and foremost.  We’d love to offer our remote backup solution to everyone, but also understand that not everyone has the ability to afford an additional remote data backup service.  Nor, in many cases is it justified when a local backup will perform a similar (though not quite as reliable) roll without a monthly cost.

When considering workstations, laptops, or desktops that have a minimal amount of data set changes on a daily basis, we most importantly recommend a level of local redundancy if possible, and also a local backup solution such as Windows File History, Windows Backup, or MacOS Time Machine.  All solutions offer a great recovery point for the last day or few days backup (depending on data set size).  Combining this with a group of external drives in a backup pool really guarantees data loss prevention.

Mindpack Studios backup is a better solution for servers or larger data sets where confirmation of backup and real-life person verification of the data is of high importance.  A backup solution that is highly economical at 10 cents per GB of storage, combined with real user monthly verification seriously mitigates any files from being left out of the dataset.