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Engineered from the ground up with high reliability and fast response times.  Never delayed by congested servers or network paths.



Stable, high performance hosting is the single most valuable thing you can do for your website. Using a business class hosting provider that delivers content at the highest speeds eliminates customer frustrations, reduces bounce rates, and dramatically increases the return on investment for your website.  Quality hosting is the single most cost effective investment you can make for search engine ranking and organic search results.


Slow performance costs you the first impression, wasted ad revenue, and customer frustrations. Frustrated customers don’t have time to complain to you about your site loading speeds.  Instead, they click the back button or close the tab on their browser and find the next link in their search results that responds timely.  First impression lost; client lost.


Luckily, using a quality hosting provider like Mindpack Studios is usually the cheapest option to increase SEO and visitor retention. Our websites are fully scalable, they provide high performance without rate limiting and require no contracts on your part.  We can perform full site migrations upon request, and because we don’t believe in contracts, if you are ever dissatisfied we’ll help you move your site to a new hosting platform of your choice.  Zero risk.




We make it simple!  A single convenient package that is fully scalable, from a small site getting 20 unique visitors a month, to a large site getting millions.  We’ll host your site for the life of your business or product with a single convenient, non-nonsense package.


In the event you traffic a large amount of data and exceed the default bandwidth allocation assigned to your site, we’ll contact you via phone or e-mail and provide details including solutions and any price adjustments we’d need to make to keep performance high.  This isn’t a scary event – we scale very quickly and granularly, typically it’s just a few bucks more monthly for thousands more unique visitors, and tens of thousands of page requests.

Website Hosting Base Specifications

Apache + PHP + MySQL
Platform Style
Semi-Shared w/ Resource Delegation
>70% idle 95th percentile
Dedicated per Host
File Storage
5GB Enterprise SSD
DB Storage
200MB SSD & Memory
File & DB Backup Schedule
nightly for 365 days
5GB Enterprise Transit
KBPS Rate Limited
10KB Page Delivery
<200ms (SUSTAINED)
Network QOS
Highest Priority
SSL Encryption
Free (paid options available)
Qualys SSLLabs Certification
System Updates
applied as stable
Security Updates
applied immediately
GeoIP Firewall
Price: $25/monthly

Intending to host 50 websites or more?  learn more about KYNGIN



Many customers are surprised by just how often their site has outages or unreasonably long access delays.  Positive site changes can quickly be made by choosing a quality website developer or marketing company, but many delays are entirely due to low quality, overloaded, and unpredictable hosting platforms that aren’t all that interested in delivering your content and products quickly. We bring hosting latencies down and performance up using our custom tuned hosting stack.  Simultaneously, we keep reliability high by using a proactive analysis suite called KYNGIN which notifies us of potential configuration or website errors before they become a problem.



This is real data, not simulated.  We’ve compared against a standard commodity hosting company charging $10.99/monthly, please read the full details if you’re curious.


Cursor over this image for a clear comparison on how much this client’s latency was improved by using business class hosting from Mindpack Studios.  For comparison purposes, we hosted the website in the graphic simultaneously while it was being hosted with a remote hosting party.  The green line accurate displays the latency of the site while hosted with Mindpack Studios.  Read the full details to see how big of an improvement this makes.