Mindpack Studios offers a convenient webmail service for all managed and hosted domains. If your domain is currently managed by Mindpack Studios, please contact support for instructions on setting up new or existing e-mail accounts prior to accessing the webmail system.


Remote Support

Use the Team Viewer support link below to permit Mindpack Studios staff remote access to repair or service your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. This download is a one-time host installer which permits us remote access via a private key code. We’ll need access to this key-code, so please contact us via telephone or e-mail to schedule an appointment before downloading.

Email Setup Instructions

We know setting up email on new devices can be frustrating, so we hope these documents can help streamline the process. Simply choose the one that fits your needs. And remember, if you run into any issues, please contact support!

MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2016: These instructions are similar, but not exactly the same, for older Outlook versions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Thunderbird is among our favorites for checking email. Find out how to get it on your Mac or PC here.

APPLE MAIL: By default, Macs come with Mail installed.

ANDROID DEVICES: Android devices include some phones and the Google Chromebook.

APPLE iOS DEVICES: Apple iOS includes iPhones and iPads.

Legal Resources

The following legal documents are updated as often as biannually. It’s the client’s responsibility to periodically check back on this page and verify they are in possession of the most recent revision number (located at the top of each respective document). To stay up to date on our legal resources, please make it an active point to download the latest documents when possible.

Acceptable Use Policy

For any information regarding what is (and is not) permitted within the Mindpack Studios network, please read our acceptable use policy.

Privacy Policy

We ensure customer data is held in a highly private and many times encrypted environment. Your data is valuable to us, and we’ve built custom products to keep your data even safer and more secure. For full details please download and read our privacy policy.

Terms of Service

To protect the customers of Mindpack Studios, we request all clients to agree to the Mindpack Studios Terms of Service Agreement. This agreement is updated regularly and it’s the clients responsibility to make sure they have a current version on record.