Geo Redundant DNS Services

Geographically diverse, high speed propagation, all built with hosting and uptime in mind.


< 1 second resolution

DNS services aren’t talked about widely, probably because it’s not the most glamorous thing.  But high speed domain naming resolution with full standard compliancy is one of the most fundamental products every hosting company should provide.

We’ve operated industry standard open source DNS services for over 20 years of real world connectivity. The ability to maintain a large pool of zones, record sets, logging information and service events has been battle tested since the inception of Mindpack Studios.

Mindpack Studios operates 4 distinct nameservers in 3 geographical locations.  Two of our geo-redundant DNS servers operate here at our office in the Chicago-land region, while another two operate via trusted cloud provider infrastructure, one at each of the coasts to maximize availability and uptime.

KYNGIN management tools now give us a birds-eye view of DNS zones, logging, and event status changes in real time.  Furthering our reliability and maintainability of the 4 DNS servers and hundreds of thousands of daily queries.

*Although it’s not a requirement, we do recommend that all customers that host data services with us use our dedicated high speed DNS services to mitigate any events of potential down time.


Platform BIND
Management & Monitoring KYNGIN
Zone Propogation < 1second
Average Query Time < 30ms
Zone Backups Hourly
Price: $3/Domain

Intending to host DNS for 20 or more domains?  Learn more about KYNGIN.