E-mail Hosting

Business Class E-mail Hosting

Highly reliable IMAP email services @yourdomain, with full synchronization across all your devices.

Complexity Neutralized

Keeping your e-mail services fast, responsive, and reliable isn’t a small feat.  Mindpack Studios maintains an array of bare metal e-mail servers, all custom tuned with hardware assembled specifically to host e-mail with the highest levels of reliability and responsiveness.

Synchronization is a Snap!

Synchronize your phone, your Laptop, and your Desktop to all use the same mailboxes. A change on one is an immediate update to the other devices.  This sounds a bit complicated, but we can usually get you set up via phone technical support in less than 5 minutes per device.

How much e-mail have you lost?

Just like US Mail, there is a chance e-mails get lost in the shuffle, or get rejected when automated systems believe the e-mail is spam.  Our systems reliably check each incoming mail message against hundreds (yes hundreds) of tests in real time, including:

  1. 3rd party host validations
  2. e-mail identity markers for spam likelihood
  3. individually trained mailbox fingerprints
  4. virus identification

And after all the tests have completed, typically in less than 2 seconds, we determine how this e-mail should be handled.

The Result

  1. 100% confirmed junk e-mail gets tossed out.
  2. Mail that is likely to be Junk but not 100% confirmed  gets put in your “Junk” folder.
  3. All other e-mail gets put in your Inbox where it belongs.

E-mail; Simply; Fast


Access Type IMAP or POP3 (legacy)
Connection Limits None
Storage 10GB
Maximum Email Size 100MB
Network to Mailbox Avg < 2 second
Open Source Protocol and Storage Yes
Data Reliability Enterprise SSD
Backups Automated Nightly
Point In Time Recovery Optional
Webmail Included
Vacation Message Support Yes
Virus Scanning Yes
Telephone Technical Support Included!
Spam Prevention Success Rate 99% w/ 0 False Positives
User Controlled Spam Learning Yes
Telephone Technical Support Included
Remote Access Technical Support Optional
Mailbox Price: $5/monthly 
(includes free device setup!)

Hosting 40 e-mails or more?  Save time with KYNGIN.